BNNVARA Custom Type

Ndiscover was commissioned to develop a custom version of the popular font Exo 2 for the Dutch Tv Channel BNNVARA. The idea behind it was to create a unique design emphasizing the strong elements of the design, as a way of underlining the channel moto: Explore, Reveal, Unleash. 

For this, we created a more sturdy visual by removing all diagonal terminations, making a more constant stroke along with some other magic. While keeping the technological aspect of the original design we added that extra “in your face” power which is more clearly visible on the uppercase typesetting of the black weight, like you see in the logotype BNNVARA.

We are very proud of the result and it suits perfectly on this gorgeous rebranding.
BNNVARA rebranding was made by the Dutch studio Dog and Pony.




Natanael Gama



Straight terminations

Constant stroke

Larger ink-traps

More organic curves in some key shapes

BNNVARA Custom Type Showcase