Exo 2.0 Pro

Exo started as a self commissioned project back in 2009 when Natanael was an undergraduate student of Multimedia Design in ESAD.CR. The project stayed on the drawer for about a year but then Natanael decided to work on it again.

In 2011 Exo became a successful Kickstarter project and was then released for free and made available in Google Fonts Library. After that Exo became quite popular and Google commissioned a complete redesign which is now presented to you.

Exo is a geometric sans serif font with a technological feel. This redesign made it much more balanced and a bit more organic, this makes Exo perform much better on small to medium size strings of text as well as on small font sizes, either on print or screen. As the time passed by Exo become increasingly popular and an extensive character extension was again commissioned by Google, so it could become available to even more people.

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